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  • Operational Management

    The Five Core Operating Management is the keystone of Telexpress, we associate the contact center management knowledge with talent cultivated and operation to improve quality and efficiency. This is what makes us the No. 1 BPO brand in Taiwan!

  • One Stop Platform

    The powerful TECS connects retailers, repair center, customer database in one single platform, streamline the procedures and data completeness, increase customers satisfaction dramatically

  • Mature Experience

    Telexpress operates 7 offices worldwide, over 3,000 team members speak over 10 different languages, service 15 markets with more than 2 billion consumers. Vast customer satisfaction experience so reinforce our operation capabilities

  • 4 Industries

    Over 16 years of BPO business, Telexpress holds the enormous customer service experience and service countless well-known business such as Microsoft, HTC, gogoro, OPPO in IT industry; Nespresso , Yahoo! Ali baba in consumer industry, leading healthcare brands like P&G, Med-Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott; Citi bank and LinePay in Financial sector

  • Excellent Procedure

    A dream team presents the sprint of branding! Telexpress cumulate vast customer satisfaction from the exclusive designed service process model, implements exclusive “Planning & Control” in management department, and “Telexpress Supervisor Console” of quality assurance system

  • ISO27001 Certified

    Certified by ISO27001 twice a year to ensures a high standard of security, including the management of financial information, intellectual property, and third-party information. Telexpress has also been corporating with well known global companies such as Microsoft, Line Nespresso and Johnson & Johnson for their annual operation process audit, we are the most reliable BPO brand for your business.