tb体育管理平台 TECS Contact Management Solution

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  • OPM Widget

    The exclusive OPM (One Page Management) platform integrates the core of Telexpress Five Management knowledge, streamlines data from different platform to provide a real-time and visualized operation performance and help managers track and improve service qual

  • Multi-Channel Management


    integrates IVR (Interactive voice response), Phone, Online Chat, Email, Fax and SMS service seamlessly

  • Cloud Model

    Easy to use and low initial construction cost

    Dynamic billing, pay what you use

    No facilities maintenance cost

    No system infrastructure investment

  • Customer Success Value

    Customer success. The team continues to focus on the customer and provide the best solution to achieve success by creating opportunities for upward sales (upsell) and improving overall performance

  • Continuous Upgrade

    With more than 15 markets operating experience, receives enormous clients’ feedback and responses from the various industries, and continuously provide new ideas, experience and unique solutions for the business. We focus on creating top quality service in the organization, streamline and systemize the process to create its ecosystem to meet clients’ expectation

  • Safety and Security

    Certified by ISO27001 and recognized by the well-known global business as a data security firm through a regular audit.

    Telexpress has our own data centre in both China and Taiwan and provides seamless BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for the business. We centralize management of service assigning and consolidate the operation process, Telexpress is not only a Virtual Customer Service centre but also your best business partner